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I’m not gonna promise you will look like a beach model in 6 weeks because I don’t sell lies to people… what I will promise is…holding you accountable, helping you with food choices, giving you great workouts that constantly change to constantly keep you guessing, and most importantly, an hour with a very experienced and knowledgeable ambassador in the world of fitness!

Growing up overweight as an adolescent, I know the struggle and I have to work hard everyday just like the next person. Helping others get motivated, become healthier and reach their fitness goals is my true passion. I work with men and women from ages 18-85 and have been in the business for over 10 years. Currently, I train clients at Steele Barbell Club  in Woburn, provide online personal training and I travel to some clients’ homes who have their own gyms.

So start today for a full 60 minute workout with nutrition consulting with a dedicated professional. I look forward to hearing from you!

Specializing in building muscle, fat loss, bodybuilding, strength & conditioning and increasing the quality of life

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