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Mark Ferrara Fitness

My name is Mark Ferrara. To me fitness is more than a job, it’s a passion! I’m a huge advocate in leading by example and making this my lifestyle rather than a 9-5. As a young child growing up with weight problems I decided I had enough and needed to change. By 13 years old I began learning everything I could relating to health and fitness. I became fascinated with bodybuilding and creating the body into a work of art. I began lifting weights, doing cardio training, and cooking daily. I also spent time studying a few different styles of martial arts as well. 17 years later my passion is stronger than ever and continue to still learn more each day. My motivation to my workout lies in motivating others to look and feel their best.

So start today for a full 60 minute workout with nutrition consulting with a dedicated professional. I look forward to hearing from you! Specializing in building muscle, fat loss, bodybuilding, strength & conditioning and increasing the quality of life.

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