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Mark in Motion: Witness Mark’s dedication, technique, and passion through these photos taken indoors and outdoors at Mark Ferrara Fitness in Woburn.

Clients in Transformation: Get inspired by candid captures of clients pushing their limits and working on their fitness journey.

Strength, Sweat, & Success: From intense weightlifting moments to breakthrough milestones, this gallery showcases it all.

Dive Deep into the Fitness Realm: Experience the energy, determination, and camaraderie that defines Mark Ferrara Fitness. Every image tells a story of hard work, progress, and the pursuit of excellence.

Bamboo bar incline with Andy Freed
240lb Kroc Rows
Deficit Kettlebell bent rows
One arm rows with Bill
Cambered bar squats with  Carlos Sagastume
Leg day with Glenn
Presses with Dan
Bamboo presses with Bill
If you are not using momentum , using strict form, and pulling from a dead hang to chin over the bar 99 percent of people will NOT need to add weight to these!

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